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Monte Casino is what happens when great friends from different projects finally decide to get together and make some noise. Is it a "side project"? Sure. Remember, Led Zeppelin started out as a side project (...ok, not exactly). Tony sings in The Devil In California, Joe is producing and starting a new project called The Gold Rims, and Tim is the lead guitarist in Pebble Theory. Are those bands great? Yes, they are. But now is the age of side projects, or dare we say, "supergroups". Them Crooked Vultures and The Dead Weather both come to mind. We had no choice in the matter, really. Funny thing is, MC sounds like none of the bands listed above, and sometimes doesn't even sound like itself. What is this sound? We say it's rock with no borders. If we decide to get heavy, we do. If an acoustic guitar is around, we'll work with that. If we can convince Tony to write some lyrics, well, then he sings lead. It's just like that. 

Ever wonder why everyone loves The White Album by The Beatles but no one puts out a body of work like that anymore? I do. Before you get up in arms, may we say that we would not compare us to the legendary Beatles. But Helter Skelter and Rocky Raccoon on the same playlist? We like that idea. It seems like once we make a song, the mold is broken. We couldn't write another song like High if we were offered a large sum of money to do so. That's not to say we wouldn't try - we ain't above that, no, no, no. It's just that something about Patron Silver consumed in large quantities makes it hard to be predictable, in music creation as well as general life. A typical Monte Casino show brings out all kinds of characters - rockers, punks, skanks, businessmen, nannies, nerds, that guy with the lazy eye and a bad limp. They are rabid; that's why we are honoring a few of the best on our home page photo. 

Come along for the ride.

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